What do you get when you meet a cajun jazz drummer with a shred metal guitarist and a science fiction sound designer?

A powerhouse of musical ingenuity by the name of Wave Vendors.

Wave Vendors weaves genre-melding soundscapes that are punctuated by commanding electric guitar tones and heavy hitting drums.

Wave Vendors is a musical vision conceived by Jeff Thrower, a musician from a small town in the American south that had little in the way of traditional entertainment, so he began creating his own. After collaborating with musicians across several states, he started producing under the name Wave Vendors, which is an ironic nod to his disdain for corporate oversight, a reminder of his freelancing, and an expressive approach to life.

Starting in 2019, Wave Vendors started releasing music onto the Soundcloud platform with tracks such as "Downhill Shift" and "Too Much to Drink". As of February 2021, Wave Vendors has splashed onto streaming services Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Pandora, Apple Music, iTunes, & Amazon Music with the tracks "Washed Ashore" and “Glimmer”.

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Wave Vendors is a self-managed independent artist.